Friday, 10 January 2014

Communication Breakdown

In the words of the Led Zeppelin song:

"Communication breakdown, it's always the same, I'm having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane!"

This is a first Ranty Friday for me and it’s all about BT. 

After the stormy weather of 23rd December, many people in West Kent and East Sussex were left with damaged phone lines.  I didn’t realise until Monday (6th January) that my neighbours still had no landline and internet.  They’d immediately reported the fault the day before Christmas Eve, engineers were booked for the repair, but they didn’t show up.  And so the cycle began: call the call centre in Bangalore, chase up the fault, book the engineers, engineers don’t show, and so on and so on.  A lack of landline might not seem such a big deal, as most people have mobile phones, however, here in the valley mobile reception is patchy and of course no landline means no internet.  This is hopeless if you are working from home or doing routine tasks such as internet banking, tax returns, shopping and accessing school/college work over a long period of time.

I called the call centre to add my voice to my neighbours' and tweeted @BTCare based in Enniskillen, another part of this vast organisation, who responded quickly.  I logged the fault again via the link they emailed.   When my neighbour called me on Thursday, an engineer was finally there and the line was fixed on day 16.

I was told on the phone by the call centre that after 3 days of the line being fixed, a claim could be lodged with the billing team for a reimbursement, which is usually one day’s refund for each day of service lost.  This is simply not good enough and I'll be copying and pasting this to send to BT to let them know my thoughts.  What about the inconvenience of hours wasted on hold to the call centre, having to book in with friends and family to use their internet for over two weeks (using a mobile that frequently loses signal) and not being able to work from home?  It is enough to drive you slightly mad.

The storm has blown over, but bad weather will inevitably return and knock out phone lines.  BT needs to sharpen up it’s act, to stop providing such a dysfunctional service to it’s customers and to properly reimburse those they’ve somehow let slip to the bottom of their to do list.  

Thank you, Mummy Barrow.  It’s good to talk.

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  1. Oh BT customer service have driven me mad on more than one occasion so I completely sympathise! :-)