Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Beans & Burnt Ends at The Tunbridge Wells Bar & Grill

The new grill and barbecue - Tunbridge Wells Bar & Grill

Another post on the subject of food and my first attempt at a restaurant review: an invitation arrived in my inbox from the Tunbridge Wells Bar & Grill on Tunbridge Wells High Street, part of the Individual Restaurants Group, to celebrate the launch of their new outdoor restaurant experience.  I took my oldest who was on his way to an 18th Birthday Party (the other one was being scared witless by the walking dead at Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest - it's Halloween after all) and we sampled some delicious food from their new concept restaurant.

So, what's the new concept, you ask warily?  The outdoor space has undergone a major refurbishment, creating an impressive new and unique concept for all year round alfresco dining and now features a state of the art electronic retractable roof.  The roof was on when we arrived and half way through the evening it opened, centre court style, or rather like a Tunbridge Wells soft top, and yes, you could look up to infinity and beyond. I imagine that on colder, wetter winter days the roof will stay on, and being an outdoor girl, I liked the whole indoor/outdoor vibe.

The new theatre grill features cooking over charcoal and a wood burning oven, putting a big focus on marinading, rubbing and slow cooking.  The chefs cooking on the new grill have travelled to Memphis, USA to learn the best barbecue techniques.  The best thing we tasted were the baked beans, or Beans & Burnt Ends, as they were called: delicious bits of charred pork (the caramelised outer layer) and cannellini beans, generously coated in homemade tomato sauce.

Thank you to Samantha from In The White Room for inviting me along.  In my view, this is a great place for grown-ups enjoying a child free night to escape to, or if you can afford it, to take those poor, overworked GCSE/A-level/university students for a posh burger or hot dog.  I spied Rosemary Shrager in the background, which made me think that I bet there are many barbecue kings and queens of Tunbridge Wells who would love a lesson in some deep south barbecue cookery.

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