Thursday, 11 July 2013

As I Walked Out One Summer's Morning

The Sussex countryside is stunning at the moment.  Yesterday, instead of my usual march along the footpath, I ambled along and had a good look at the hedgerows which are humming with life.  My dog has been lame recently, so she was content to meander along with me at a slow pace, and she quickly feels the heat once the sun comes out and is absorbed into her thick black coat.  It's a satisfyingly untidy time of year along the green lanes and I love the different grasses, the six foot bracken, the scent of wild honeysuckle, the foxgloves woven into hawthorn hedges and the briar roses.  I'm lucky that I don't suffer from hay fever, but the horse flies are out in force and the dog and I usually arrive back home with several souvenir bites.



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